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IBM Connections Mobile APNS certificates expiring on 1/29/2016

IBM released a Flash Alert because of expiring APNS certificates:

«Users using IBM Connections Mobile will stop receiving Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) notifications after the certificates expire on 1/29/2016.
Download the iFix for your server version and apply. Some releases require a prerequisite iFix and the links for those are included.»

Link to the alert and iFix «click here»

the new kid in town – IBM Connections Editor

IBM released a new app to enhance the use of IBM Connections on mobile. The iOS version was released today while the Android version was already available yesterday which, of course, I have installed on my BlackBerry.

The description in the store says it all:
The IBM Connections Editor is a companion office application suite for IBM Connections. The IBM Connections Editor is optimized for smartphone and tablets to create, edit, or read Microsoft® Word, Excel, or Powerpoint documents and view PDFs on your mobile device from IBM Connections Files. You have full editing capabilities on your mobile device and can easily share these Files in IBM Connections to collaborate with others in your organization.

I could have used this app last week during a customer presentation because it really is a game changer for some of the requests we get from customers. You can easily create a document and upload it directly to your IBM Connections environment but even better, you can open a document from your IBM Connections Files store, edit it and re-upload it all within one app.

Again, there is no native app for BlackBerry so I’ve used the Android one for testing. As you can see from the images, the procedure is very simple, the only drawback, the online editing does not work on the BlackBerry because the app does not get the edit command directly from the IBM Connections app. Still, if you have an Android or iOS device and are using IBM Connections, this app is definitely something to install and use. Make sure to update the IBM Connections app! There is an update available which will add support for the IBM Connections Editor app. The editing also works on the BlackBerry.

Get the Editor app for Android or iOS

iOS 9 native Calendar app may remove repeating Domino calendar entries from device

Fresh from the IBM press.. but not as “ugly” as it sounds because as pointed out in the note, the fix for this issue was introduced in IBM Traveler, which you should be running anyway if you want to “serve” iOS 9 devices.

If you are not yet running and devices are affected by this bug, you can still recover the calendar entries by performing these steps:

  • On the device, select Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select the IBM Traveler account
  • Turn off Calendar sync for the Traveler account and accept “Delete from my device”
  • Power off the device by holding the Power button and slide to Power Off
  • Power on the device after 60 seconds.
  • Select Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select the Traveler account
  • Turn on Calendar sync, which will re-sync the calendar entries from the server to the device

The official IBM note: IBM Flash Alert

using the IBM Verse app on a BlackBerry

yeah.. why would you do that? there is no solution which comes close to the BlackBerry Hub and I’m certainly not moving to an app with less functionality. Still, out of curiosity I wanted to know how the IBM Verse app would behave on a BlackBerry.

I’m not getting into details about how to install an Android app as there are plenty of “how-to’s” but will share some of my findings.

Security / Device password
The initial sync didn’t work at first because of a security issue.
Basically Traveler didn’t recognize the Picture Password as a device password and therefore refused to synchronize because a device password is a requirement set in the policy.
After the initial sync I changed my device password back to a Picture Password and the sync continued to work.

I didn’t see any issues here. The notifications for mail/calendar work, same with the Actions (Needs Action/Waiting For) or the synchronization of data. Creating mails, answering them and any interaction with calendar items, i.e. the creation of events out of an email, were OK as well.

“Negative” points
(bearing in mind that it’s not a native app)
The app is a battery drainer! I’m using a BlackBerry Passport and I rarely need to charge it but since using the Verse app it was a daily activity.
There is no control/separation of work data. I can freely copy data from my business mail and paste it anywhere I want. This is something I can control with BES and don’t want to miss as a security feature.
On the positive side, the uninstall worked like a charm 😉

regulated push-email – the results are in

Following up on my previous post where I asked about company regulated push-email hours, a few people answered the survey and I got feedback on other channels as well.

Of the ones who answered, only one company has a limitation in place whereas all the others are “free” to use push-email anytime. Interesting enough, the question about wanting a regulation showed a different result.

For a long time it was a 40/60 balance in favor of a regulation but with the last votes it turned to an equal 50/50 result.

Apparently there is a need or wish for a time-out but also the requirement to read/answer emails whenever you have time.

survey result

Thanks again for answering my questions and the chats about this subject.

Does your company limit push-email after work hours?

A few years ago it seemed a trend that companies would “save their employes from overworking” by limiting push-emails or deleting emails during vacations/leaves.
I haven’t heard anything like that for quite a while until last week, when I got a request from a customer asking for technical possibilities but also references of other companies which implemented a solution.

I still believe that people should be capable of operating an “off” switch. But after giving it some thought I was wondering how it looks in the working world today.
None of my current customers are using such a measure to improve “work-life balance” as far as I know but maybe there are companies who do, or maybe did, but then stepped back from that decision.

Would you help me out by answering these 4 questions? I’m curious to find out if this is still an issue and what has been done so far.

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