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IBM Connections Mobile APNS certificates expiring on 1/29/2016

IBM released a Flash Alert because of expiring APNS certificates:

«Users using IBM Connections Mobile will stop receiving Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) notifications after the certificates expire on 1/29/2016.
Download the iFix for your server version and apply. Some releases require a prerequisite iFix and the links for those are included.»

Link to the alert and iFix «click here»

solving a slow Time Capsule Backup

Over the last weeks the backup of my Mac got slower and slower and no matter what, even backing up a few MB took “forever”.
I tried the usual “Safe Boot” trick but that didn’t help either, a backup was still taking forever. Then I read about issues with the Spotlight index and gave that a try.

Basically I’ve deleted the Spotlight index and then created a new one, excluding the files/folders from being indexed which I have also excluded from the backup. The first backups were still slow but now they seem back running at a normal pace.