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BlackBerry Work Drives – improved

As I had written a few months back, one of the features I really like on BlackBerry 10 devices are the BlackBerry Work Drives. I think it is an underrated feature which helped me more than once when I needed to move or transfer data between the device and my computer or network drive at work. Yes, you still need to use a BES and it only works in the Work space of the device but I’m more than OK with that. It’s not an app I use every day but sometimes, when for whatever reason email or storing in the cloud are not an option or possible, it’s an easy way to get to the data.

A few days ago I needed a file I knew I had downloaded on my laptop at work but couldn’t remember the site I got it from. So I fired up Blackberry Work Drives, connected to my Download folder and grabbed the document from there. While accessing the app I also got notified about an update being available. Besides some design changes and bug fixing, i.e. folders with “Umlaute” are now supported, the main improvements are:

  • Easy authentication with integration in BlackBerry 10 Credential Manager
  • Easier access for users now with remote drive mapping by BES administrator
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint

What it didn’t say though was that you need BES 10.2.3 to have the remote drive mapping. Luckily it is available since yesterday as well.
Apparently the SharePoint integration does not work that well, or at all, but I have no SP site to test so I can’t comment on that.

BES 10.1.2/3 error before installation

I bumped into this small error while upgrading our internal server and sure enough again when installing at a customer site today. When running the setup.exe the following message might appear even if the server OS is English:

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service supports the Windows operating system in English only. Please configure the Windows operating system to use English and then install the software.

For the installer to run correctly you need to change the system locale setting to either English (UK) or English (US).

more: BlackBerry KB

BlackBerry Work Drives

There are a few things I “dislike” with the new BES 10 but there are also some nice additions or improvements to already existing features. One of these features is the BlackBerry Work Drives.

Already with BES 5 there was a possibility to access your network drives/folders. With BES 10 this feature has been extended and the handling is much easier with the associated BlackBerry Work Drives app.

In order for the app or better the access to work it has to be installed in the Work perimeter. It is very easy for admins to push the app to the “BlackBerry World – Work” where users can install the app from if needed.

Personal and Work Perimeter
Personal and Work Perimeter

After the installation you can add different folders and since you can also define/set different credentials you can access files and folders with different rights.

Once configured the folders will be available in the File Manager and the documents can be read/edited with Docs to Go.

WorkDrives  Add Drives  Folders

A nice bonus.. you can also access files from your computer, if left running, without needing to upload the files to any cloud-based service or other system.

Small caveat.. folders with “Umlaute” and special characters are not yet supported, you will not be able to configure access to them.