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regulated push-email – the results are in

Following up on my previous post where I asked about company regulated push-email hours, a few people answered the survey and I got feedback on other channels as well.

Of the ones who answered, only one company has a limitation in place whereas all the others are “free” to use push-email anytime. Interesting enough, the question about wanting a regulation showed a different result.

For a long time it was a 40/60 balance in favor of a regulation but with the last votes it turned to an equal 50/50 result.

Apparently there is a need or wish for a time-out but also the requirement to read/answer emails whenever you have time.

survey result

Thanks again for answering my questions and the chats about this subject.

Does your company limit push-email after work hours?

A few years ago it seemed a trend that companies would “save their employes from overworking” by limiting push-emails or deleting emails during vacations/leaves.
I haven’t heard anything like that for quite a while until last week, when I got a request from a customer asking for technical possibilities but also references of other companies which implemented a solution.

I still believe that people should be capable of operating an “off” switch. But after giving it some thought I was wondering how it looks in the working world today.
None of my current customers are using such a measure to improve “work-life balance” as far as I know but maybe there are companies who do, or maybe did, but then stepped back from that decision.

Would you help me out by answering these 4 questions? I’m curious to find out if this is still an issue and what has been done so far.

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Why email is still my favourite “app”

I can imagine a lot of you already “moaning” about this but lately I just got the confirmation that the only app that works for me is my email. Why? Easy, consistency.

I try a lot of apps, cloud solutions and whatever else there is but the only app/solution which gives me always the same content with basic possibilities is the email client. As many others I use different devices but not all might use different OS as well. My mobile devices are a BlackBerry, a Lumia and an iPad wich means BlackBerry/Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and iOS operating systems. Besides those devices I also use OSX and Win 7 systems.
Now there are a lot of apps which can help getting your data from one device to the other, create Todo lists and more and I’ve been using some of them for some time, amongst others Evernote, which I still use as a note taker, Wunderlist, Horizonate etc, but I never had a consistent experience over all devices and especially most solutions are a pain when you need offline access to the information. So for now I’m sticking to my mail database and the good old paper notebooks for taking notes, sketch ideas, work with Todo lists and calendar items. IBM Notes with IBM Notes Traveler make sure that my information is always at my fingertips. And the paper notebook never runs out of battery..