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What a line-up for ICON CH

September is ICON Switzerland time and this year we are coming up with a special setup for our 8th event which will take place on September 13 at the University of Zurich.

For those not familiar with the event, it was launched as a customer forum where IBM ICS customers could share their experience with ICS solutions. In the last years, we have teamed up with the University of Zurich, transforming the event into a public and private event, where we offered a platform to share experience and network with peers.

Every year we had a keynote from a renowned IBM representant before launching the customer panel but this year we are changing the format. We are very happy to have Jason Gary in Switzerland exclusively for our event. He will be joined by Uffe Sorensen and Jonathan Muniz for a further look into the future of ICS solutions.

Jason Gary is Director of Software Development and an IBM Distinguished Engineer.  He and his team represent the new IBM way of delivering enterprise software and is behind the «new» IBM Connections code-named Pink, where open-source platforms and services like MongoDB, React.js and Docker will be playing a central role. He will talk about this new approach in development for IBM and what it means for IBM Connections.

Uffe Sorensen  (Messaging & Collaboration Director) and Jonathan Muniz (Offering Manager IBM Collaboration Solutions) will bring an update to the application modernisation roadmap, what has been delivered with the new IBM Verse on Premises version and what is yet to come.

After the lectures, all three speakers will be available for an open Q&A section where you can ask your questions about the topics mentioned.

For the agenda and more information about the event: http://iconswitzerland.ch

The announcement from Roberto Mazzoni of the University of Zurich: UZH Blog


IBM Notes 9.0 client crashes when sending mail

While preparing an upgrade to IBM Notes/Domino 9 for a customer we came across a problem with the Notes client. During the tests we had crashes when sending emails, changing calendar entries or saving documents in one of their Notes application. After the “usual” troubleshooting I collected the NSD and analysed them with the LND Tool (Lotus Notes Diagnostic). With the information from the NSD and some searching I found the appropriate technote:

IBM Notes 9.0 Client Crashes after Launch or when Sending Mail

After the upgrade to 8.5.3 we disabled the “Recent Contacts” feature for this customer because of issues with typeahead and used the PURGE_RECENT_CONTACTS=1 setting for this. The crashes were caused by exactly this notes.ini parameter. The only workaround for now is to remove the entry from the client’s notes.ini.

Waiting for a fix now..

The evolution of the IBM Connect 2013 session database

doesn’t stop..

after the great start

The totally unofficial, totally unsupported IBM Connect 2013 session database – NOW AVAILABLE

and the first enhancements

#NotesTip Want even more from the #IBMConnect session database? How about Mobile Access: NOW AVAILABLE!

we now give you offline access for the session database in your browser courtesy of IBM Champion Giuseppe Grasso of Dominopoint fame. He’s been working on this project with Daniele Grillo and Andreas Imnitzer and you can access the mobile version over this link: bit.ly/mconnect13

Connect to this mobile version with your tablet or smartphone, save the link as a bookmark and make sure to synch the database before heading to the airport.
You can browse through the sessions, check out the maps and more while on the plane and if you’ve been to LS11 or LS12 you know that WiFi coverage, to not say outage.., can be an issue at the conference as well.

btw.. the solution is running on Domino *hint for someone organising events* 😉

connect mobile


connect mobile offline