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updated Mobile app for IBM Connections

We are busy with different customers projects around IBM Connections and I was happy to see that IBM released an update to the Mobile apps for IBM Connections.

There are quite a few changes and additions
(taken from the Android version)

new features Connections app
new features Connections app

and I really like the new design, well done IBM!

old vs new

further examples

Head over to the app store of your choice to get the update.


IBM Connections Mobile APNS certificates expiring on 1/29/2016

IBM released a Flash Alert because of expiring APNS certificates:

«Users using IBM Connections Mobile will stop receiving Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) notifications after the certificates expire on 1/29/2016.
Download the iFix for your server version and apply. Some releases require a prerequisite iFix and the links for those are included.»

Link to the alert and iFix «click here»

A return ticket to SNoUG

I missed my self-set deadline for this post so I’m not referencing Back to the Future anymore.. 😉 but this Wednesday will still be a special day for me when I will have a session at SNoUG together with Sandra Bühler, talking about a customer reference project.
If you haven’t checked the agenda yet, go here as it is packed with IBM Champions and information you can put to use right away.

So why is it special? Because “back in the early days of administration..” it was not that easy to get information about solutions, possible problems, 3rd party products and so on, about and around all that was Lotus Software.
Being a junior administrator I was not allowed to travel to the US for any conferences but luckily someone from the company I was working for was involved in SNoUG and told me about the user group meeting “where you can meet peers, discuss and compare settings, best practices and get a confirmation, that you are not the only one using this software..” (sounds familiar?).
Basically SNoUG was my first “knowledge well” in the Yellowverse, and stayed so for a few years, before I moved to larger scale conferences with Lotusphere Europe in Berlin and then on to the various Lotuspheres in Orlando and some of the user groups around the world.
And now, after all these years and a few sessions at user groups all over the world I get to speak at the user group meeting where it somehow all started for me. I’m looking forward to it.

the new kid in town – IBM Connections Editor

IBM released a new app to enhance the use of IBM Connections on mobile. The iOS version was released today while the Android version was already available yesterday which, of course, I have installed on my BlackBerry.

The description in the store says it all:
The IBM Connections Editor is a companion office application suite for IBM Connections. The IBM Connections Editor is optimized for smartphone and tablets to create, edit, or read Microsoft® Word, Excel, or Powerpoint documents and view PDFs on your mobile device from IBM Connections Files. You have full editing capabilities on your mobile device and can easily share these Files in IBM Connections to collaborate with others in your organization.

I could have used this app last week during a customer presentation because it really is a game changer for some of the requests we get from customers. You can easily create a document and upload it directly to your IBM Connections environment but even better, you can open a document from your IBM Connections Files store, edit it and re-upload it all within one app.

Again, there is no native app for BlackBerry so I’ve used the Android one for testing. As you can see from the images, the procedure is very simple, the only drawback, the online editing does not work on the BlackBerry because the app does not get the edit command directly from the IBM Connections app. Still, if you have an Android or iOS device and are using IBM Connections, this app is definitely something to install and use. Make sure to update the IBM Connections app! There is an update available which will add support for the IBM Connections Editor app. The editing also works on the BlackBerry.

Get the Editor app for Android or iOS

Simplifying an #IBMConnections installation

We have been quite busy with a side project at Belsoft and we are finally at a stage, were we can start sharing some information about it.

We are introducing “InstallJack” to the world. Our goal with this new tool is to simplify and to speed-up the installation of IBM Connections. It’s been great to work on this project and I learned a lot about IBM Connections during this time.

Head over to the Belsoft webpage for the latest news about
introducing InstallJack

click here for the article in German about
introducing InstallJack

Social Connections VI

Earlier this week I was in Prague attending Social Connections VI. The IBM Connections User Group conference had a packed agenda and the attendance was impressive. It was the second time Belsoft was amongst the sponsors of a Social Connections event and three of us travelled to the nice venue at the Hotel Ambassador. The organizing team did a terrific job, from the registration, to the venue, to selecting the speakers/sessions, to the dinners.. Well done!

I missed some of the sessions because of my booth time but I had interesting discussions with other participants and partners about IBM Connections, different solutions, XPages applications and more. It also showed that no matter where these projects run, the problems or better challenges are basically the same. Ah yes, and that no user likes SAP GUI’s 🙂

There have been a few announcements during the conference:
– IBM Connections 5.0 will be available for download on June 26, 2014
– Social Connections VII will be held in Stockholm on November 10-11, 2014
– There will be a Files Connector (Beta) for Mac

and as an appetizer, today, Luis Benitez announced the availability of the IBM Connections 5.0 Desktop Plugin for Windows