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paloalto Traps doesn’t know about MC Upgrade (yet)

If you are not familiar with Traps, it’s an endpoint protection solution from paloalto:

Traps replaces legacy antivirus and secures endpoints with a multi-method prevention approach that blocks malware and exploits, both known and unknown, before they compromise endpoints such as laptops, desktops and servers.

We are running Traps on different endpoints (Win/Mac) and found a few glitches in the early stage but they were solved rather quickly and so far it’s been running well, without interfering day-to-day processes or performance. That was until we started to roll-out a new FP to the IBM Notes clients on Windows.

To manage and upgrade our Notes clients we use panagenda’s MarvelClient and have been running it successfully for different upgrades. But at one point we received more and more error logs, from the same users, where the upgrade was failing. After some digging, we found the problem. Traps, which is monitoring activity on your endpoint, found the activity caused by MCUpgrade.exe to be suspicious and therefore blocked access to it.

We notified paloalto about this “issue”, which actually is correct behavior since they didn’t know about MCUpgrade, and have whitelisted MCUpgrade in our configuration, including a very explicit path where the exe has to be located. This solved our problem and the IBM Notes client upgrades with MCUpgrade are working again.

Availability of #IBMDomino & #IBMNotes 9.0.1 FP6 – Download links

After having much fun providing links to customers for other software downloads today I thought to share this list right away.
Thanks to @stevencpitcher for notifying us about the availability of FP6 for IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 and see Johnny Oldenburger’s post for a preliminary fix list description.

Here are the generated links to the Fix Central page:

IBM Domino: FP6

IBM Notes: FP6

Good upgrade everyone

New JVM installers & Interim Fixes available

The fixpack galore goes on with new updates for Notes and Domino on the different platforms.
Fix lists and download links can be found in technote 1657963 for 9.0.1.x and in technote 1663874 for 8.5.3.x

Good to see that the following has been fixed as we had some issues with clients crashing after a recent key rollover.
Fixes intermittent Domino Server and Notes Client crash when organization is doing a key rollover. Crash occurs on both client and server side when trying to connect.

and yes, this time the installation of the interim fix did not break my Notes client on the Mac.

update: see Matteo’s blog for more information about the IBM Sametime 9 Rich Client Cumulative hotfix for March 2016
Sametime March update

updated security bulletins from IBM

Two security bulletins have been updated today, they will give you a reason more to install IF 2 for IBM Notes 9.0.1 Fixpack 5 on Windows.

more details:

Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in MD5 Signature and Hash Algorithm affects IBM Notes
Security Bulletin: libpng related security vulnerabilities identified in IBM Notes

small update: installing the IBM Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF1 (for Mac) caused some issues.. I was not able to launch IBM Notes anymore, installing the IF1 again would launch an error that “the fix was only for the 64bit client” and therefore would not run. I ran the install for the 9.0.1 64-bit client again which fixed the problem and now the «About IBM Notes» shows:
Release 9.0.1 (64-bit) SHF619

FP/IF nightmare all over again or only a local issue?

IBM Notes/Domino Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in the IBM Java SDK

Fresh from the press: new downloads available for IBM Notes and IBM Domino to fix the Java issues disclosed in the Oracle January 2015 Critical Patch Update.

This Java vulnerabilities affect all current versions of IBM Notes and Domino and if you don’t control some of the Java behaviour on the server or client via restrictions or ECL you should get these Java patches.

Direct links to patches for 9.0.1 FP3:


Get more information and direct download links to all the patches here.