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iOS 9 native Calendar app may remove repeating Domino calendar entries from device

Fresh from the IBM press.. but not as “ugly” as it sounds because as pointed out in the note, the fix for this issue was introduced in IBM Traveler, which you should be running anyway if you want to “serve” iOS 9 devices.

If you are not yet running and devices are affected by this bug, you can still recover the calendar entries by performing these steps:

  • On the device, select Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select the IBM Traveler account
  • Turn off Calendar sync for the Traveler account and accept “Delete from my device”
  • Power off the device by holding the Power button and slide to Power Off
  • Power on the device after 60 seconds.
  • Select Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select the Traveler account
  • Turn on Calendar sync, which will re-sync the calendar entries from the server to the device

The official IBM note: IBM Flash Alert

using the IBM Verse app on a BlackBerry

yeah.. why would you do that? there is no solution which comes close to the BlackBerry Hub and I’m certainly not moving to an app with less functionality. Still, out of curiosity I wanted to know how the IBM Verse app would behave on a BlackBerry.

I’m not getting into details about how to install an Android app as there are plenty of “how-to’s” but will share some of my findings.

Security / Device password
The initial sync didn’t work at first because of a security issue.
Basically Traveler didn’t recognize the Picture Password as a device password and therefore refused to synchronize because a device password is a requirement set in the policy.
After the initial sync I changed my device password back to a Picture Password and the sync continued to work.

I didn’t see any issues here. The notifications for mail/calendar work, same with the Actions (Needs Action/Waiting For) or the synchronization of data. Creating mails, answering them and any interaction with calendar items, i.e. the creation of events out of an email, were OK as well.

“Negative” points
(bearing in mind that it’s not a native app)
The app is a battery drainer! I’m using a BlackBerry Passport and I rarely need to charge it but since using the Verse app it was a daily activity.
There is no control/separation of work data. I can freely copy data from my business mail and paste it anywhere I want. This is something I can control with BES and don’t want to miss as a security feature.
On the positive side, the uninstall worked like a charm 😉

IBM Verse Policy Settings for IBM Traveler

A few days ago IBM published the IBM Verse app for iOS which you can get from here.

If you want to “control” some settings via IBM Traveler policy, make sure to update to the latest Traveler version first, you also need to download the new Domino Directory template available here and apply the update to your directory to get an additional tab for the IBM Verse security settings.

What settings can you control? Besides the application password you can allow/disallow the exporting of contacts, copying to clipboard, exporting and downloading of attachments.

New Traveler Settings

a long overdue “thank you”

A bit over a month ago René Winkelmeyer stirred up some dust with his discovery and blog post about the security issue with the new Outlook iOS/Android App. Shortly after his post, his colleague Detlev Pöttgen posted an easy solution to prevent the app from connecting to the Traveler server on his blog.

Because of the big security issue with this app, I’ve sent out an email, (yes, email, get over it) to our customers with the information about RenĂ©’s discovery, Detlev’s solution and the recommendation to implement it as soon as possible.

The feedback has been very positive. What astonished me was that most customers had not heard about the issue at all.
Many customers replied and were thankful for the information and solution provided and I would like to forward this “thank you” to RenĂ© and Detlev, great work guys.


Why email is still my favourite “app”

I can imagine a lot of you already “moaning” about this but lately I just got the confirmation that the only app that works for me is my email. Why? Easy, consistency.

I try a lot of apps, cloud solutions and whatever else there is but the only app/solution which gives me always the same content with basic possibilities is the email client. As many others I use different devices but not all might use different OS as well. My mobile devices are a BlackBerry, a Lumia and an iPad wich means BlackBerry/Android, Windows Phone 8.1 and iOS operating systems. Besides those devices I also use OSX and Win 7 systems.
Now there are a lot of apps which can help getting your data from one device to the other, create Todo lists and more and I’ve been using some of them for some time, amongst others Evernote, which I still use as a note taker, Wunderlist, Horizonate etc, but I never had a consistent experience over all devices and especially most solutions are a pain when you need offline access to the information. So for now I’m sticking to my mail database and the good old paper notebooks for taking notes, sketch ideas, work with Todo lists and calendar items. IBM Notes with IBM Notes Traveler make sure that my information is always at my fingertips. And the paper notebook never runs out of battery..