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random IBM Connect thoughts – People

Again a highlight of the conference was meeting a lot of great people, friends and colleagues from all over the world.
It started on Saturday when meeting the first ones at the Dolphin Bar and went on throughout the week.
One of my personal highlights was the feedback I got from people attending my session at BLUG earlier in 2013. I was really flattered and grateful for the nice words and compliments and very happy to meet and getting to know them personally.

random IBM Connect thoughts – Taking pictures

This year I’ve only used smartphones to take pictures during the sessions and the conference activities, namely with my trusted BlackBerry Z10 and my newest addition, a Nokia Lumia 1020.

I’ve always liked the pictures taken with the Z10 but the 1020 has a few cards hidden in its sleeve i.e. the refocus feature as well as the option to manually adjust settings like shutter speed with the Pro mode.

In short the Z10 was better for quick shots especially including the screens during the sessions but with time to play and some tests with the different settings and camera lenses the 1020 is a fun camera to have.

You can see some of my shots in the official Flickr group.

btw.. Do I like the OS of the Lumia? Not really but am getting used to it.

The evolution of the IBM Connect 2013 session database

doesn’t stop..

after the great start

The totally unofficial, totally unsupported IBM Connect 2013 session database – NOW AVAILABLE

and the first enhancements

#NotesTip Want even more from the #IBMConnect session database? How about Mobile Access: NOW AVAILABLE!

we now give you offline access for the session database in your browser courtesy of IBM Champion Giuseppe Grasso of Dominopoint fame. He’s been working on this project with Daniele Grillo and Andreas Imnitzer and you can access the mobile version over this link: bit.ly/mconnect13

Connect to this mobile version with your tablet or smartphone, save the link as a bookmark and make sure to synch the database before heading to the airport.
You can browse through the sessions, check out the maps and more while on the plane and if you’ve been to LS11 or LS12 you know that WiFi coverage, to not say outage.., can be an issue at the conference as well.

btw.. the solution is running on Domino *hint for someone organising events* 😉

connect mobile


connect mobile offline