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New JVM installers & Interim Fixes available

The fixpack galore goes on with new updates for Notes and Domino on the different platforms.
Fix lists and download links can be found in technote 1657963 for 9.0.1.x and in technote 1663874 for 8.5.3.x

Good to see that the following has been fixed as we had some issues with clients crashing after a recent key rollover.
Fixes intermittent Domino Server and Notes Client crash when organization is doing a key rollover. Crash occurs on both client and server side when trying to connect.

and yes, this time the installation of the interim fix did not break my Notes client on the Mac.

update: see Matteo’s blog for more information about the IBM Sametime 9 Rich Client Cumulative hotfix for March 2016
Sametime March update

A return ticket to SNoUG

I missed my self-set deadline for this post so I’m not referencing Back to the Future anymore.. 😉 but this Wednesday will still be a special day for me when I will have a session at SNoUG together with Sandra Bühler, talking about a customer reference project.
If you haven’t checked the agenda yet, go here as it is packed with IBM Champions and information you can put to use right away.

So why is it special? Because “back in the early days of administration..” it was not that easy to get information about solutions, possible problems, 3rd party products and so on, about and around all that was Lotus Software.
Being a junior administrator I was not allowed to travel to the US for any conferences but luckily someone from the company I was working for was involved in SNoUG and told me about the user group meeting “where you can meet peers, discuss and compare settings, best practices and get a confirmation, that you are not the only one using this software..” (sounds familiar?).
Basically SNoUG was my first “knowledge well” in the Yellowverse, and stayed so for a few years, before I moved to larger scale conferences with Lotusphere Europe in Berlin and then on to the various Lotuspheres in Orlando and some of the user groups around the world.
And now, after all these years and a few sessions at user groups all over the world I get to speak at the user group meeting where it somehow all started for me. I’m looking forward to it.

BLUG – Only an IBM Domino Server can take this much beating and still run

My presentation from BLUG in Leuven about a misconfigured Lotus Domino environment.

I really appreciated the feedback during and after the presentation and added a comment to one of the settings. Unfortunately I didn’t write down the name of the attendee who pointed out the problem on iSeries but thank you anyway.

an easy way to test Android apps on your PC/Mac

After reading Andy Donaldson’s blog entry about testing Traveler for Android using the Android SDK I thought to add my tip as well.
Besides using the SDK for testing and documentation purposes you should give http://bluestacks.com a try. BlueStacks is a native Android runtime environment for your computer and I have been using it for a few months.
It gives you a “full” Android environment and is much lighter, meaning needs less resources, then the SDK.
It’s still in beta but I rarely had problems with it and since a few days they have also released a version for Mac.

and no.. I have not been playing Angry Birds on it but you could.. 😉