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solving a slow Time Capsule Backup

Over the last weeks the backup of my Mac got slower and slower and no matter what, even backing up a few MB took “forever”.
I tried the usual “Safe Boot” trick but that didn’t help either, a backup was still taking forever. Then I read about issues with the Spotlight index and gave that a try.

Basically I’ve deleted the Spotlight index and then created a new one, excluding the files/folders from being indexed which I have also excluded from the backup. The first backups were still slow but now they seem back running at a normal pace.

an easy way to test Android apps on your PC/Mac

After reading Andy Donaldson’s blog entry about testing Traveler for Android using the Android SDK I thought to add my tip as well.
Besides using the SDK for testing and documentation purposes you should give http://bluestacks.com a try. BlueStacks is a native Android runtime environment for your computer and I have been using it for a few months.
It gives you a “full” Android environment and is much lighter, meaning needs less resources, then the SDK.
It’s still in beta but I rarely had problems with it and since a few days they have also released a version for Mac.

and no.. I have not been playing Angry Birds on it but you could.. 😉