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BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 – Calendar

The calendar got some improvements too, here are a few of the things I like besides the earlier mentioned meeting mode and events overview in the Hub.

Calendar Views

The calendar views provide more information at a glance.
In this example of a day view you see that there are different calendar accounts and entries with the square and sphere icons in different colors on top. It also shows you a general weekly overview.
Square = Full Day Event / Sphere = Meeting/Appointment

calendar day view


Another little helper is the time left in the notification box and the change in color shortly before the appointment is due.

For meetings there is also the option to notify the organiser, or everyone, if you are running late

and a feature I use quite often, the custom snooze to remind me of an appointment.

Custom Snooze



BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 – Hub

Let’s focus on the BlackBerry Hub, one of my favourite features of OS10 bringing together your communication channels into one place.

Besides the already known color coding it is now easier to act on multiple entries. The option to file or delete a message, or several if you select more than one, is available right away.
The option to file/delete a message also shows up when closing a message, giving you the option to act on the message right away.

A new graphical help are the icons showing if a message has been replied to or forwarded from your mobile. Only the last action is visible, so if you reply and then forward the same message, you will only see the forwarding icon.

BB Hub re-fw icons

Often overlooked is the great search functionality within the Hub. Press and hold a message to get the options sliding in from the right. Besides the usual actions to forward/reply, add the sender to the contacts and so forth, there are also two search options to search by the selected subject or sender, giving you an overview of all messages right away.

BB Hub search


There is also a nice overview of upcoming events right at your fingertips. Especially the time left before the event takes place is a great addition.

Hub Calendar events

BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 – Settings

Apparently some BlackBerry users are reluctant to upgrade their OS10 devices to 10.3.1 but in my opinion they really should upgrade. For some devices the battery drain might be higher but there are also settings which can help to prevent it.

I’ll post some of the new OS 10.3.1. settings in the next few days.

Home Screen / Icons

As with most OS upgrades, the app icons have been redesigned as well. For a change I like what the design team did.

But now to the real deal and new features.

Meeting Mode

Do you forget to switch your notification profile to silent or vibrate before a meeting now and then? Enable the Meeting Mode and don’t think about it anymore. Automatically switch your phone to silent or to your prefered profile settings when a meeting starts according to your calendar entries.


The camera settings got an update as well and are easier to set. From a HDR notification when trying to catch moving targets, to timer settings, the panorama functions and more.
A small but nice addition is the ability to take a snapshot while recording a movie by simply pressing the camera icon.

camera settings

Battery saving mode

A no brainer, just enable and choose your settings

more to follow..

BlackBerry Blend

One of the highlights with the BlackBerry OS update 10.3.1 is the availability of BlackBerry Blend.

Basically it gives you the opportunity to access data from your BlackBerry by pairing the device with your computer or tablet.
You then use the BlackBerry Blend app on your computer/tablet to access the BlackBerry Blend Dashboard which gives you access to work as well as personal accounts/data

BlackBerry Blend dashboard

You can read/answer your messages on a bigger screen and use the keyboard to type but the real benefit in my opinion is that you don’t have to configure your work account on your private tablet or transfer files from you device. As BlackBerry puts it “No saving to a cloud, no transferring information between devices. It’s just there.

There are a few settings which are controlled by BES policies so you might have to check with your admin if a feature does now work. Policies for BlackBerry Blend are available in BES 10.2.4 or later.

Find out more about BlackBerry Blend here