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regulated push-email – the results are in

Following up on my previous post where I asked about company regulated push-email hours, a few people answered the survey and I got feedback on other channels as well.

Of the ones who answered, only one company has a limitation in place whereas all the others are “free” to use push-email anytime. Interesting enough, the question about wanting a regulation showed a different result.

For a long time it was a 40/60 balance in favor of a regulation but with the last votes it turned to an equal 50/50 result.

Apparently there is a need or wish for a time-out but also the requirement to read/answer emails whenever you have time.

survey result

Thanks again for answering my questions and the chats about this subject.

Does your company limit push-email after work hours?

A few years ago it seemed a trend that companies would “save their employes from overworking” by limiting push-emails or deleting emails during vacations/leaves.
I haven’t heard anything like that for quite a while until last week, when I got a request from a customer asking for technical possibilities but also references of other companies which implemented a solution.

I still believe that people should be capable of operating an “off” switch. But after giving it some thought I was wondering how it looks in the working world today.
None of my current customers are using such a measure to improve “work-life balance” as far as I know but maybe there are companies who do, or maybe did, but then stepped back from that decision.

Would you help me out by answering these 4 questions? I’m curious to find out if this is still an issue and what has been done so far.

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