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Does your company limit push-email after work hours?

A few years ago it seemed a trend that companies would “save their employes from overworking” by limiting push-emails or deleting emails during vacations/leaves.
I haven’t heard anything like that for quite a while until last week, when I got a request from a customer asking for technical possibilities but also references of other companies which implemented a solution.

I still believe that people should be capable of operating an “off” switch. But after giving it some thought I was wondering how it looks in the working world today.
None of my current customers are using such a measure to improve “work-life balance” as far as I know but maybe there are companies who do, or maybe did, but then stepped back from that decision.

Would you help me out by answering these 4 questions? I’m curious to find out if this is still an issue and what has been done so far.

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Changing the default font in the mail template

Remember the time when changing the default font for mail was as easy as setting a new font in the “Body” field of the “Memo” form of the mail template? Well it’s no longer the way it works.

Yes, there is a new option within the Lotus Notes Standard Client where users can easily set their preferred font.

Set Current Font as Mail Default

The downside of this function is that every user has to do it manually and that there is no way for you to set a company wide standard font with it.

But this was exactly the request I got from a customer.

I did some research and in one of the forums found a “solution” involving the setting of NAMEDSTYLEn AND NAMEDSTYLEn_FACE entries in the Notes.ini of the Lotus Notes clients. Although this might work for a new installation, current Lotus Notes client set-ups should not be altered by changing these entries in the Notes.ini.

Extract from a developerWorks article found here
Note that there are other text-related and font-related NOTES.INI variables, but in general these shouldn’t be modified. For example, NamedStyle nn and NamedStyle nn _Face correspond to paragraph style settings in the Text Properties box. However, these variables are undocumented and shouldn’t be used to change font settings; use the Notes interface to do this.

Nevertheless I gave it a try and got mixed results, there was no way to ensure that the entry and therefore the font was being applied correctly. Also I had different results depending on the client used, be it a Standard or Basic client.

So I went back to the drawing board and started changing the mail template.
Only changing the font of the Body field was not enough. Also changing paragraph settings did not work.

I asked around and @matnewman gave me the tip to not only select but to highlight the Body field (drag across it) and change the font there. This would then apply that font to all Lotus Notes based mail.

Also make sure not to use the drop down menu to change the font

but to use the Text Properties option either via the menu or ctrl+K

While we’re at it.. be careful if you’re using a signature tool and guess what, depending on the language of the mail template you have to be extra careful because there are slight differences in the forms.


New BlackBerry Bridge available

Shortly before OS 2.0 was available for download, RIM released a new BlackBerry Bridge client which you can get here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/19435/?lang=EN

Besides bug fixing one of the very cool feature is the possibility to use the BlackBerry’s keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen to remote control the PlayBook tablet.
This works quite well and there is also a presentation mode.

Something I don’t like is that words typed on the BlackBerry, i.e. a password to unlock the PlayBook, are shown in clear on the BlackBerry screen.

OS 2.0 for BlackBerry PlayBook is here

After a seemingly very long waiting time RIM finally released the OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook.
The expectations were quite high and I think they have been greatly met. So far I haven’t heard of any problem with the new release.
While upgrading I kept an eye on different forums but the overall comments were about the same: “Downloading was a breeze and the setup itself went through without an issue.” Only the “waiting” time for the restart to happen was difficult. 😉

 File size varies depending on country or provider?  

First thing I’ve noticed after the reboot was the full keyboard shown at the password prompt

and then the fun started, trying to figure out what all the new features were.. There are several posts and videos from RIM and specialized sites about this and in the next few days more and more will appear. The most requested item was a native messaging app and RIM delivered one where you can integrate feeds from different email accounts, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


I didn’t have time to really dig into the OS and “try” everything but there are small changes like the “lock” button which I think are quite nice. I will need to give the BlackBerry News app a try (RSS feeds), don’t think I will use the PressReader app but it looks like a nice addition as well.
The overall handling is better, the camera seems quicker taking pictures and of course the possibility to install and run Android apps! The App World now includes apps ported from Android and my first install was WordPress for Playbook.


As mentioned I didn’t have too much time to test it thoroughly but will certainly be using the PlayBook more now.