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Recovered pictures from a corrupted media card

A few weeks ago the media card in my BlackBerry got corrupted. Normally not a big deal because I’m used to regularly move or copy the data from the card. But this time I was just back from holiday and had not yet saved the few pics I took during the stay.

I did some research and found hundredths of tools willing to help in one way or another to recover data. Some claimed to be free but then would only allow a limited set of actions. At least some tools (about 40$-80$ for a licence) would list all the files which were recoverable in the demo version. Seeing that most of the pictures were readable, I continued and stumbled over PhotoRec by CGSecurity.

PhotoRec is a free open source multi-platform application which, although “old”, works well. The latest version is from 2011 but the forum is still in use, especially for the other tool by CGSecurity called TestDisk which is a free data recovery software.

The tutorials for both tools are quite good and get you started right away. I’ve tried different settings for the recovery and was able to save most of the pictures.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and free way to recover data these tools are certainly worth a try.