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Updated Traveler Companion app for Windows Phone 8 devices

It seems like yesterday was a global upgrade day..
also the IBM Notes Traveler Companion app for Windows Phone devices has been updated to Version 1.1

what is new:

  • option to always blind copy sender on mail sent from Companion
  • option to configure auto download size for attachments
  • receiving and composing “do not copy” mail
  • multilingual support
  • reduced data exchange and download time via compressed mail and attachments
  • improved serviceability through problem report creation

get the app


BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

In most countries the new OS has been rolled out but the providers in Switzerland were/are late to the party so I decided to load another provider’s OS as many customers were asking about details. There are different reviews about all the new features, I’ve picked a few of the ones requested by my customers.

The option to choose where to delete the message is back. I still don’t know why you would want to delete on mobile only but apparently it’s a GTD method for some..


I like the calendar/date picking option and finally the synch of ToDo’s is available. You need to change the email profile setting on BES for that and link to your Traveler server but it does work quite nicely. Also available is the direct configuration for IBM Notes Traveler bypassing BES. Although you were able to configure it without a dedicated item before as well, the new option also gives you access to the ToDo’s. Shame that the spelling is not correct 😉

The ability to directly load Android apps on the device is great and works quite well but it potentially opens a big hole in security. Still I don’t need to sideload the IBM Connections or Sametime app anymore, so yay for that.

The Enterprise Activation has been improved as well. When configuring a device you will get prompted if you want to add or replace an existing device. This should be helpful in removing old/out of service devices.

One of my favourite change though is the customisable Quick Settings panel which you can select by swiping down from the top screen.

Invitee status displays ‘no response’ while the ‘response’ document still exists – updated

I had this issue in the office, but not with all users, and then also came across it at a customer site.

So what happens.. A user has some calendar entries which are accepted by the invitees. The calendar entry and the response documents are in the user’s mail file. All good.
However, when the users opens the calendar entry and clicks on “invitee status”, all the invitees who have accepted or declined the invitation show up as ‘no response’.

It turns out that Traveler “broke” this. From the according APAR:

Event updated on ActiveSync Device may cause attendee status to be lost on server copy of the event. The issue is not seen often with Apple devices, however BlackBerry devices send event updates at regular occurrence, even if the event was not updated so BlackBerry users will see this issue much more frequently.
Starting with Notes Traveler the server has been updated to correctly identify and prevent this scenario from occurring. In order to correctly handle, the server had to be upgraded to handle Active Sync 14.1 and later protocol levels.

If you come across this problem, upgrade the Traveler server to and you’re good to go.

UPDATE: IBM has released an Interim Fix 1 to Traveler and a Flash Alert recommending to delete and recreate Notes Traveler accounts on BlackBerry 10 devices after upgrading Notes Traveler server to or later.
see http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21648195 and http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21648847&myns=swglotus&mynp=OCSSYRPW&mync=R


an easy way to test Android apps on your PC/Mac

After reading Andy Donaldson’s blog entry about testing Traveler for Android using the Android SDK I thought to add my tip as well.
Besides using the SDK for testing and documentation purposes you should give http://bluestacks.com a try. BlueStacks is a native Android runtime environment for your computer and I have been using it for a few months.
It gives you a “full” Android environment and is much lighter, meaning needs less resources, then the SDK.
It’s still in beta but I rarely had problems with it and since a few days they have also released a version for Mac.

and no.. I have not been playing Angry Birds on it but you could.. 😉