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BES 10.1.2/3 error before installation

I bumped into this small error while upgrading our internal server and sure enough again when installing at a customer site today. When running the setup.exe the following message might appear even if the server OS is English:

The BlackBerry Enterprise Service supports the Windows operating system in English only. Please configure the Windows operating system to use English and then install the software.

For the installer to run correctly you need to change the system locale setting to either English (UK) or English (US).

more: BlackBerry KB

BlackBerry OS update 10.2

Somehow unexpected 10.2 was released rather quickly all over the world and I did not have to wait a week before getting the notification as with 10.1.

The update itself was easy and straightforward as with most smartphones nowadays. Interesting enough, there was a two-part download. The first package was 474 MB and after that one had been installed the download for the second package of 1007 MB started. A device restart was needed to complete the update.

So what is new? Quite a lot actually and many have already blogged about it so I just picked a few favorites out of the list after the first few days of using 10.2.

There are a few design changes, fonts, icons etc., and an option to choose a “dark” theme for the Calendar, Contacts and BBM which I like.

The Hub / Priority Hub
The Hub has been improved and extended with the Priority Hub. Basically important messages are highlighted with a red band. You have some options to configure, or as BlackBerry describes it “teach”, the Priority Hub about your important messages.

Color Coding of Accounts
Another “helper” for people with several email accounts is the possibility to color code the accounts, helping to identify them easily in your Hub.

Instant Preview
Instant Previews are notifications which pop up at the top of the screen no matter which app you are working with. If you want to read the message right away you only need to tap the banner to open the notification.

Lock Screen Notification Preview
Take a sneak peek at what is going on in your inbox or in this case in your Hub without having to unlock your device. If you are using BlackBerry Balance, work items are only shown when the work perimeter is unlocked, otherwise the preview will only say “Locked Item”.

Improvements have also been worked into the camera app, the browser and, seemingly one of the most requested ones.., with 10.2 you are now able to set multiple alarms. Which at first I thought, so what, but actually it is quite useful as you are able to pre-set alarms for different days of the week, according to your schedule. I also stumbled over some swiping options I didn’t notice before but am not sure if they are new with 10.2.

Allegedly battery consumption has been improved as well but that I can not really confirm.

more: http://blogs.blackberry.com/2013/10/blackberry-10-2/

10.1 OS update for the Z10

After waiting “patiently” for my provider to release the update to the BlackBerry OS 10 I updated my Z10 a bit more than a week ago. The update itself was easy and straightforward. The size of the download was a bit larger than others had reported which made me look for the power supply right away. You actually should always have the BlackBerry plugged-in to a power supply when upgrading the OS and not let it run on battery-mode anyway. The download took a while and so did the installation. When finished the device needed a restart, no surprise there.

I really liked the short tutorials after the upgrade/restart, this should be helpful for many users, and especially that my settings were still there, even with 3rd party apps. This was one of the most annoying things with the old BB OS. With every OS update you lost most of your 3rd party apps settings but this is not an issue anymore.
After the OS update many of the apps needed to be updated as well which took another “few minutes”. All in all it took about one hour to update the OS and apps to their latest version but most of the time had been used for the downloads so I’ll blame the bandwidth here.

My impression is still good. Some fonts have changed, the battery life is better, at least for my device, the device/OS seems to run smoother. I still need to get used to the battery draining. I was used to that on Android but was not for BlackBerry. The multilingual language input and recognition is really great but I wish it would be possible to enable more than three languages.