updated security bulletins from IBM

Two security bulletins have been updated today, they will give you a reason more to install IF 2 for IBM Notes 9.0.1 Fixpack 5 on Windows.

more details:

Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in MD5 Signature and Hash Algorithm affects IBM Notes
Security Bulletin: libpng related security vulnerabilities identified in IBM Notes

small update: installing the IBM Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF1 (for Mac) caused some issues.. I was not able to launch IBM Notes anymore, installing the IF1 again would launch an error that “the fix was only for the 64bit client” and therefore would not run. I ran the install for the 9.0.1 64-bit client again which fixed the problem and now the «About IBM Notes» shows:
Release 9.0.1 (64-bit) SHF619

FP/IF nightmare all over again or only a local issue?

4 thoughts on “updated security bulletins from IBM”

  1. IF1 killed my Mac 64-bit client too.

    First I got messages of “The application IBM Notes can’t be opened”, followed by “You can’t open the application IBM Notes because it may be damaged or incomplete”. At the very least it looks like my platform.xml file got trashed. Not sure what else might have gone wrong.

    I guess I will try to reinstall the original client again too.

    1. Reassuring it was not me but not good to have quality issues with delivered FP/IF again.. At least after the reinstall my plugins still worked.

  2. Thank, you, I had that too.
    I uninstalled with the uninstall from the 901 package, then installed 901, did not run it, and then the IF, that worked for me.

    They apparently want us to abandon Notes, but don’t offer a better island.

    1. Not for me. Uninstall with 9.0.1 was OK, but was not able to reinstall 9.0.1 64bit afterwards. Had to go back to my timemachine backup on an upgraded El Capitan. IF worked fine on a clean El Capitan installation.

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