Where can I change… the email font size in IBM Notes

We’ve been involved in a nice server migration and Notes/Domino upgrade project at a customer site which is coming to an end in these days. Nearly all the users are working with the new IBM Notes 9 client and soon they will also get the new template applied to their mailfiles. Most of the users had an introduction/class about Notes 9 but still some questions come up about where to change a setting or how to do certain things. Although I think that many items have been covered before, I’ll put a few of the questions together and will post the “solutions” here.

Changing the Email font size
I’d say this is a classic question which I have been asked many times before. Remember when the only way was to edit the template? But the question this time was not about the font size when writing but when reading an email. Changing the OS settings does not work that well but there’s a Notes client preference setting for that. Actually there is also a notes.ini setting but I won’t talk about this. I’m focusing on client settings a user can/should be able to change.

So changing the size of the email font for better reading is easy but also a little tricky. Go to the Preferences in the Notes client set a filter for Font and you should see this:

Preferences Font

Besides the fun little option to change the colour of unread and read email, which is another question I often get, there is the option to change the Font size and the Mail view font.

If you change the Mail view font and apply the change, you can see immediately a larger font in the Inbox but the email font will not change. You need to change the Font size for that.
Be aware, when you change the Font size, the Mail view font will change as well!

There is a caveat with this action though, not all emails will be displayed with a larger font. It will work with internal emails, html mails/newsletters and other emails received will/might not work, depending on the formatting.

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